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Sun Valley Floor Specialist

Beautiful Design

This site was created with our own code using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We provide all of our customers with our own classic code. its YOUR site.

Mobile Friendly

This site was made for both deskrop and mobile being fluid in both cases, ensuring 


Hacienda Mexican Tile and Supply

A full e-commerce store.

Full E-commerce

Designed for an online store this website
is fluid and easy to use, which means more traffic for you. Designed with fluididy to ensure a friendly experience for you custimers. 

Mobile Friendly

Designed for both mobile and desktop browsing, you are insured that you can reach your full clientele. Easy to use in both mobile and desktop.


"New Image Web Design gave us their best work. We had a lot of questions when we began our website, and they were very informative on answering the concerns we had. I believe this is the best web design experience I've had. Thanks to New Image Web Design." 
Edgar V. Local BusinessOwner (Hacienda Mexican Tile)


Heritage Concrete Placement LLC

Business Friendly

Designed for showcasing a local business while focusing on design and mobility. With the design is minimal and simple it delivers what the client needs in order to fully traverse across the website with no hasle.


Mobile Friendly

Site was made with the mobile view kept in mind. With not an overload of information, the site is garunteed to give the client what they are looking for and fast. 



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